Shauni Christine Strand was born on 12 of April 1994 in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Her mother Maria Strand is Brazilian and her father Christer Strand is Swedish. She has one half-sister and niece on her father’s side and on her mothers side she has a big family in Brazil. Shauni has always been singing, and the first song she preformed on stage was ”wind beneath my wings” with Bette Middler, she was 10 years old. It was the first time her mother ever saw her perform and noticed her talent.  When she was fourteen she started a music/musical program in school and there she had the opportunity to perform on stage and also spend time in a recording studio that everybody had access to. When she finished middle school she started high school in Stockholm called Stockholm’s aesthetic school (also a music program). When she graduated high school the TV show idol contacted her and offered to make her audition in Croatian. She passed her audition but at the group moment she had to leave. After about two weeks Nico Sinanis who today is her manager contacted her and now she is signed by Lifestyle Records. In the second of April 2014 Shauni preformed in Erbil, a city north of Iraq.

Now she’s working in the studio recording her first single that will be released soon.


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Latest News

Release date

It has been a productive autumn/winter and we will soon announce the release date of Shauni’s new single – we are all really excited and we hope that you like it.

Project Shauni in progress

Shauni had a great session in the studio yesterday and she is finally recording her first single that will be released march 30th – hard work pays off. We are very satified with Shaunis great work and can’t wait to hear the final